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Event.Notify extension plugin

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Event.Notify extension plugin

Event.Notify is a extension. It is a minimalist user notifiation effect. Displays a notification box and hides it after a given time or when it is closed.

You could try it yourself pushing this button.

Usage examples

  • new Effect.Notify(element);
  • new Effect.Notify(element, {notify : {bottom : 50, right : 100}, appear: {}, fade : {duration: 5.0}});

You could use all of the parameters of Effect.Fade and Effect.Appear

Valid keys for the notify parameter

top or bottom
the top or the bottom position of the notification box in pixels
right or left
the right or left position of the notification box in pixels
how long the notification box should be visible in seconds

If you want to add a close button to your notification box you should have a child element with "notifyClose" css class name inside of your notification box.